Journal «Melts» №6, November – December 2017

V. G. Kremenetsky, S. A. Kuznetsov. Quantum_chemical study of charge transfer mechanism in the MgTiF6 + 12MgCl2 system   453
Ye. V. Kirillova. Capacitance and impedance of rhenium in molten alkali chlorides  461
A. L. Bel’tyukov, N. V. Olyanina, V. I. Lad’yanov. Peculiarities of viscosity measurements of the Со–Si melts  470
V. D. Aleksandrov, S. A. Frolova, E. A. Pokintelitsa, A. P. Zozulya, Sh. K. Amerkhanova. Dynamics of changes in the cluster structure of melts in the process of equilibrium and nonequilibrium crystalization  484
T. M. Taova, V. N. Lesev, F. M. Mal’surgenova. Density and molar volumes of the ternary alloys of two cross sections of Na–K–Cs systems at technically important temperatures  491
V. M. Ivenko, V. Yu. Shishkin. Solubility of silver in K–KCl melt, having a two-phase region  497
V. M. Ivenko, V. V. Chebykin, L. A. Tsiovkina. Potential activity coefficient, dissolved in moltables of its halogenides  500
K. I. Trifonov, I. F. Zabotin, S. F. Katyshev, A. F. Nikiforov. Conductivity of melts in mixtures of gadolinium trichloride with sodium and potassium chlorides  512
V. V. Tekuchev, D. P. Kalinkin, I. V. Ivanova, A. V. Arshinov. Investigation of the minimum interatomic distance in liquid metals based on acoustic data  516
А. V. Ryabina, V. G. Shevchenko. On the viscosity of liquid metals  522
A. I. Ananiev, A. M. Baklunov, E. Yu. Muryshev, V. G. Shevchenko. Change of mechanical properties of AMg-6 alloy at various combinations of acoustic oscillations of constant and ac verse  528
A. V. Nechayev, L. N. Kodomskoy, E. V. Nikinina. Study wear resistance at high temperatures of thick aluminum oxide as a protective coating on aluminum crystallizer continuous casting machine  535
A. A. Khokhryakov, A. O. Vershinin, A. S. Paivin, S. A. Istomin. Electronic spectra of mixtures xNa2O–(100 – x)B2O3 and xNa2O–(100 – x)B2O3–Re2O3. (Re = Sm, Eu)  538
Yu. Ya. Gafner, S. L. Gafner, L. V. Redel, I. S. Zamulin. Observation of the structural transition L12 → FCС in small nanoclusters Cu3Au  550
E. V. Nikitina, N. A. Kazakovtseva, N. K. Tkachev, E. A. Karfidov, M. A. Maikov, V. B. Malkov. Selective dissolve of brass in the melted evetectic mixture of carbonates of lithium, sodium, potassium  565
Zh. Zh. Kamzin, V. A. Lebedev. Influence of the content of fluorine in alkaline on the indicators of aluminum electrolysers of the Kazakhstan electrolysis factory  572
A. N. Gabdullin, E. A. Nikonenko, E. V. Nikitina, V. E. Tkacheva. Determination of kinetic parameters of high-temperature decomposition of magnesium nitrate  581-590
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