Potential activity coefficient, dissolved in moltables of its halogenides

V. M. Ivenko, V. V. Chebykin, L. A. Tsiovkina


The parameters of the equations for the activity coefficient of potassium dissolved in KF–KCl, KF–KBr, KF–KI and KCl–KI melts with molar ratio of salt components of 3 : 1, 1 : 1, 1 : 3, as well as in equimolar melts KCl–KBr and KBr–KI. The concentration of potassium in the melts varied, from about 1 to 10 mol %. A representation of the authors on the complex structure of solutions of an alkali metal in mixtures of its halides is given, which makes it possible to understand the dependence of the thermodynamic properties of potassium dissolved in them.


solutions, melts, alkali metals, halides of alkali metals, activity, activity coefficient.

Posted in electrochemistry, molten salts, расплавы солей, электрохимия.

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