Study wear resistance at high temperatures of thick aluminum oxide as a protective coating on aluminum crystallizer continuous casting machine

A. V. Nechayev, L. N. Kodomskoy, E. V. Nikinina


Presented results of measurement of microhardness wettability thick aluminum coating liquid steel, the stability of these coatings to abrasion at high temperatures under dry friction. The problem of finding optimal conditions for thick_film deposition of aluminum oxide coatings with maximum wear resistance and microhardness was solved by a method of mathematical planning of the experiment. optimal conditions for electrolysis, providing the most wear-resistant coatings poluchennyz were selected on the basis of mathematical planning. Obtained under optimal conditions electrolysis oxide coatings were tested for abrasion at high temperatures under dry friction.


aluminum alloys, thick oxide coatings, wetting liquid steel, micro-hardness, wear resistance at high temperatures.

Posted in modelling, металлургические процессы.

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