Density and molar volumes of the ternary alloys of two cross sections of Na–K–Cs systems at technically important temperatures

T. M. Taova, V. N. Lesev, F. M. Mal’surgenova


The densities and molar volumes of ternary alloys located on two secant lines going towards Cs and K vertices in Na–K–Cs concentration triangle and including the 13.9Na + 43.5K + 42.6Cs (in at %) eutectic alloy with the melting point of 195.2 K have been presented. The isotherms of density of the ternary alloys for the both sections show a positive deviation from additive law, while the isotherms of the molar volumes correspond to the last law.


density, molar volume, ternary alloy, alkali metal, eutectic alloy, sodium-potassium-cesium

Posted in molten salts, металлургические процессы, расплавы солей.

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