Dynamics of changes in the cluster structure of melts in the process of equilibrium and nonequilibrium crystalization

V. D. Aleksandrov, S. A. Frolova, E. A. Pokintelitsa, A. P. Zozulya, Sh. K. Amerkhanova


A scheme for the cluster structure of a binary melt of the eutectic type in superheated and supercooled states with respect to the liquidus temperatures is developed. The dynamics of the change in the structure of a clustered liquid with cooling and further equilibrium and nonequilibrium crystallization is analyzed. The regions of coexistence of a liquid solution with clusters, nucleus, and a solid phase are indicated. The boundaries of cluster demixing and the ways of their transformation into eutectic colonies are determined by the binodal. Thermograms of cooling characterizing various types of alloys crystallization are considered. On their basis, an analysis of the ways of crystallization from the state diagram is given.


melts, binary system, alloys, state diagram, eutectic, clusterization, nucleus, equilibrium and nonequilibrium crystallization, thermograms, binodal, demixing


Posted in molten salts, металлургические процессы, расплавы солей.

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