Peculiarities of viscosity measurements of the Со–Si melts

A. L. Bel’tyukov, N. V. Olyanina, V. I. Lad’yanov


Using the method of torsional vibrations we have studied the effect of the boundary conditions at the upper boundary of the melt as well as methods of sample pretreatment on the measurement results of the viscosity of the Co–Si melts. It is shown that peculiarities associated with film effects, wetting and processes of raw materials melting during heating can occur on the temperature dependence of the logarithmic decrement. The experimental conditions excluding the impact of these effects have been defined. Viscosity polytherms of the liquid alloys with a silicon content 18, 32 and 40 at % during heating and subsequent cooling were also obtained. Viscosity polytherms obtained in the heating and cooling modes coincide and are well described by the Arrhenius equation.


the method of torsional vibrations, logarithmic decrement, face surface of the friction, viscous film, kinematic viscosity, polytherm, melt


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