Capacitance and impedance of rhenium in molten alkali chlorides

Ye. V. Kirillova


Capacitance–potential dependences for rhenium electrode in molten NaCl, KCl, CsCl were obtained at various temperatures and ac frequencies. Impedance parameters were calculated. It was shown that the capacitance curves in these systems are generally parabolic with two minima, whereas three minima were found in sodium and potassium chlorides at relatively low temperatures. Cathodic potential of minimum capacitance measured within ac range 103 Hz coincides with the corresponding minimum of double layer capacitance obtained by impedance fitting. Medium and anodic potentials of minimum capacitance measured within ac range 1 Hz coincide with the two minima of adsorption capacitance.


rhenium, molten alkali chlorides, capacitance, impedance, potential of minimum capacitance, adsorption


Posted in electrochemistry, molten salts, расплавы солей, электрохимия.

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