Influence of the content of fluorine in alkaline on the indicators of aluminum electrolysers of the Kazakhstan electrolysis factory

Zh. Zh. Kamzin, V. A. Lebedev


For two series of electrolysis, a regression analysis of the dependences of the average voltage, current yield, specific power consumption on the fluorine content in fluorinated alumina (CF), received for electrolysis, was performed. An increase in CF by 1% is accompanied by a slight increase in average voltage (5–10 mV), a significant (by 0.5–1.1%) reduction in current output and an increase (by 110–170 kW h/t) in the specific consumption of electricity. To improve the electrolysis, it is necessary to lower the fluorine content in fluorinated alumina.


fluorinated alumina, fluorine content, average voltage, current efficiency, specific power consumption, regression analysis.

Posted in electrochemistry, molten salts, металлургические процессы.

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