Journal «Melts» №4, July- August 2015

А. А. Khokhryakov, А. О. Vershinin, А. S. Payvin, А. А. Lizin. Electron spectra of ND(III) ions in molten alkali fluorides
Z. Kh. Kalazhokov, К. V. Zikhova, Zaur Kh. Kalazhokov, Kh. Kh. Kalazhokov. Calculation of adsorptions and surface activities of binary melts components for Na – Cs, Na–Rb и Na–K metallic system
N. S. Olimov, I. N. Ganiev, Z. R. Оbidov, М. Ch. Shirinov. Oxidation of alloys of the Al–Ge system in liquid state
О. Е. Моrgunova. The innovative methodology for investigating ternary physical-chemical systems
E. V. Nikolaeva, А. L. Bovet, I. V. Коrzun. Phase equilibriums in BaO–BaCl2–KCl–NaCl system
О. Yu. Sidorov. Calculation of the formation enthalpies for binary and ternary liquid alloys in the Ni-Cu-Zr system within the method of strong bond
V. М. Ivenko, V. Yu. Shishkin. Solubility of silver in the K–KCl melt
L. V. Gritsay, R. N. Savtchuk, А. А.Омеlchuk. Solubility of calcium and zirconium oxides in eutectic melts of calcium and alkali chlorides
D. S. Маltsev, V. А.Volkovich, Е.N.Vladykin, B.D. Vasin. Electrode potentials of uranium in the LiCl–KCl–CsCl molten eutectic mixture
O.M. Shabanov, L. А. Каzieva, R. Т. Каchaev, А. О. Маgomedova, S. I. Suleimanov. Intensification of ion transfer in chloride electrolyte of aluminum
L. Kh. Аskarova, I. G. Grigorov, А. N. Еrmakov, Yu. G. Zainulin, Е. V. Nikitina. Influence of alloying on the phase composition of titanitum carbonitride-titanium nickelide
S.G. Kuptsov, М. V. Fominykh, D. V. Мukhinov, R. S. Маgomedova, ЕА. Nikonenko, V. P. Pleshchev. Electro spark alloying of BK8, T15K6 solid alloys
S.G. Kuptsov, М. V. Fominykh, D. V. Мukhinov, R. S. Маgomedova, ЕА. Nikonenko, Electro spark alloying of Al9 alloy with solid alloys