Electron spectra of ND(III) ions in molten alkali fluorides

А. А. Khokhryakov, А. О. Vershinin, А. S. Payvin, А. А. Lizin


hyperresponsive transition, intensity, nonfeloxetic effect, bond covalence, neodymium fluoride.


Electron spectra of Nd(III) ions in molten fluorides of alkali metals were obtained using electron spectroscopy of absorption and reflection. f-f electron transition of the Nd(III) ion in molten alkali fluorides has as high-frequency as low-frequency shifts. The intensity of the hyperresponsive absorption bands (4I9/2→4G7/2, 4G9/2 и 4I9/2→4G5/2, 2G7/2) was found to depend on the symmetry of the NdF63- complex groups. Nonfeloxetic shift is typical for hyperresponsive transitions. High-frequency shift of the Nd (III) hyperresponsive absorption band at changing molten NaF on KF is explained by the composition alteration of the second coordinative sphere in the NdF63- complex group.