Solubility of calcium and zirconium oxides in eutectic melts of calcium and alkali chlorides

L. V. Gritsay, R. N. Savtchuk, А. А.Омеlchuk


calcium oxide, zirconium dioxide, oxide-chloride melts, solubility, acid strength of cation.


Behavior of calcium and zirconium oxides in the CaO-(CaCl2-MCl) eut polythermic cuts of the CaO-Cacl2-MCl (M=Li, Na, K) ternary systems were investigated by thermic and x-ray analysis. Equilibrium content of calcium oxide in the ternary CaO-Cacl2-LiCl molten system is significantly higher than that in the melts of the similar ternary systems containing saodium or potassium chlorides The stronger the acid strength of the corresponded melt the higher the zirconium oxide solubility in the melts being investigated.