Calculation of adsorptions and surface activities of binary melts components for Na – Cs, Na–Rb и Na–K metallic system

Z. Kh. Kalazhokov, К. V. Zikhova, Zaur Kh. Kalazhokov, Kh. Kh. Kalazhokov


alloys, metals, adsorption components, melts, surface tension, surface activity of components.


Two-parameter equation describing concentration dependence of surface tension for the binary metallic systems melts, in which a monotonous dependence of surface tension on composition takes place, was evaluated. A concept for equation parameters determination was suggested. Isotherms of surface tension, adsorption and surface activity of added component in the entire concentration range were obtained for the Na-K, Na-Rb, Na-Cs systems. The calculation results for the surface tension isotherms are in a good agreement with known experimental literature data within the limit of error.