Electro spark alloying of Al9 alloy with solid alloys

S. G. Кuptsov, М. V. Fominykh, D. V. Мukhinov, R. S. Маgomedova, Е. А. Nikonenko


electrospark alloying, titanium, solid alloys, microhardness, white layer.


The X-ray phase composition of the electrospark coatings of X12M steel with the Bt1-0 alloy (titanium) and the Т15К6, Т30К4 solid alloys was investigated. It was revealed that the titanium carbide TiC is formed in all cases and the tungsten carbide is decomposed with the tungsten phase appearance in the coating. These processes are intensified with time, capacity, and frequency. The coating hardness, gain in weight, and thickness of white layer increase monotonically.