Influence of alloying on the phase composition of titanitum carbonitride-titanium nickelide

L. Kh. Аskarova, I. G. Grigorov, А. N. Еrmakov, Yu. G. Zainulin, Е. V. Nikitina


cermets, solid alloys, liquid phase sintering/baking, phase composition, alloying.


The influence of alloying with zirconium, niobium, vanadium, and molybdenum on phase composition of titanium carbonitrides-titanium nickelids cermets was studied using x-ray, x-ray microanalysis, and electron-microscopic chemical analysis. Two-phase alloys containing alloyed titanium carbonitride and titanium nickelide were determined to be obtained only by zirconium alloying. The niobium, molybdenum, vanadium adding leads to the third phase formation in the alloy – NbzNi, Mo(Ti,C) or V4Ni. Correlation between the alloys phase composition and the ratio of formation energies of titanium carbides and carbides of alloying elements was established.