Journal «Melts» №5, September – October 2017

V. A. Polukhin, Je. D. Kurbanova, N. A. Vatolin. Formation of the intermediate order in metallic glasses and the longrange order in nanocrystalline alloys with regard to the character of communication and transformation of the short order of melt  337
E. V. Makoveeva, D. V. Alexandrov. Mathematical modeling of nucleation and growth of crystals at the intermediate stage of a phase transition  364
V. I. Lutsyk, А. E. Zelenaya. 3D мodel of Т–х–y diagram Mg2SiO4–CaAl2Si2O8–SiO2 for calculation of crystallization paths  382
P. G. Ovcharenko, E. V. Kuzminykh, V. I. Ladyanov. Estimation of the parameter of interaction of boron in melts of the iron–bor  392
K. I. Oleinik, A. S. Bykov, E. A. Pastukhov. Clarification of liquid tin thermal properties at high temperatures  398
L. B. Vedmid, G. А. Dorogina. Fe–Cr precursors for hardmagnetic material of Fe–Cr–Co system  404
A. V. Kaibyshev, I. A. Kaibyshev. Refining of technical silicon during melting in high purity helium with exposure to the melt of the electric field  410
A. V. Kaibyshev, I. A. Kaibyshev. The temperature effect on the elements’ transfer from the commercial silicon fusions in helium under low interelectrode current  416
V. P. Chentsov, V. V. Ryabov, A. A. Khokhryakov, N. V. Korchemkina, A. V. Ivanov. Density of sodiumborate melts containing mechanically activated oxides Ln2O3 (Ln = Er, Tm, Yb, Lu)  423
I. K. Garkushin, I. G. Yakovlev, A. I. Garkushin, E. S. Filatov, O. V. Lavrenteva, A. V. Burchakov. Analytical description of the specific electric conductivity of melts of fluorides of S1 elements and its calculation for RbF and FRF melts  427
 A. A. Korolev, S. A. Krayukhin, G. I. Maltsev. Phase equilibrium for Pb–Zn–Аg alloy during vacuum distillation  435 – 450