Formation of the intermediate order in metallic glasses and the longrange order in nanocrystalline alloys with regard to the character of communication and transformation of the short order of melt

V. A. Polukhin, Je. D. Kurbanova, N. A. Vatolin


On the basis of the analysis of the results of the study of the formation of quenched metal melts of short range, intermediate order in amorphous and long-range order in nanocrystalline alloys, it was shown that in both obtained states the structure in the groups of metal atoms is realized not only by icosahedral packings but also helicoidal, combining due to fractional symmetry, coherent crystalline and non-crystalline coordination.


transition metals, rare earth elements, aluminum, melts, metallic glass, alloys, MD modeling, average order, long-range order, coupling, icosahedron, dense packing, symmetry, nanocrystal, amorphous structure