Analytical description of the specific electric conductivity of melts of fluorides of S1 elements and its calculation for RbF and FRF melts

I. K. Garkushin, I. G. Yakovlev, A. I. Garkushin, E. S. Filatov,

O. V. Lavrenteva, A. V. Burchakov


The analytical description of the specific electrical conductivity of the polythermic method in the series of fluorides of the s1-elements MF (M – Li, Na, K, Cs) is given by the function æ = f(Z), where Z is the ordinal number of the s1-element for temperatures higher than the melting temperature at 5, 10, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200°. The values of æ melts RbF and FrF for these temperatures were calculated from the dependences obtained and the dependences æ = f(T) were described analytically. The literature data are compared with the values of æ(RbF) and calculated in this paper. A comparative method describes the dependence æT + n = fT + 5), where n = 50, 100, 150 and 200° above the melting points of MF. It is shown that the description of æ(MF) by the equations in this work has a lower value of the standard deviation than the equations given in the literature. The description of æ(MF) by two methods showed a satisfactory convergence of the results of the calculation of æ(RbF) and æ(FrF).


analytical description, forecast, melts of salts, alkali metal fluorides, specific electroconductivity, serial number, temperature