Journal «Melts» №4, July- August 2014

I.T. Denisova, E.A. Pastukhov, S.A. Istomin, V.M. Denisov. Wetting of noble metals by fusions on a basis of Bi2O3 3-20
P.V. Kotenkov, E.A. Popova, E.A. Pastukhov. Modifying ability estimation of master alloys Al-Sc-Zr, Al-Sc-Ti, Al-Ti-Zr. 21-27
A.V. Kaybichev, I.A. Kaybichev. The refining of Fe melts from surface-active elements in gases under direct current electric field. 28-34
A.B. Salyulev, V.A. Khokhlov, A.A. Redkin. Electrical conductivity of low-temperature melts in the system NaCl- KCl- ZrCl4 35-41
A.A. Andriiko, A.A. Omel’chuk, V.A. Khokhlov. Interaction of zirconium with halide melts. 42-51
V.P. Yiirkinsky, E.G. Firsova, L.P. Baturina. Corrosion resistance of welded connections of some construction alloys in NaOH melt. 52-59
Kh.B. Kushkhov, A.M.F. Qahtan, A.S. Uzdenova, M.R. Tlenkolpachev, L.A. Uzdenova. Electroreduction of dysprosium ions on different electrodes in KCl-NaCl-CsCl melt at T = 823K. 60-69
V.N. Nekrasov, O.V. Limanovskaya, A.V. Suzdaltsev, A.P. Khramov, Yu.P. Zaikov. Stationary anode process at the platinum in KF- NaF-AlF3-Al2O3 melts. 70-79
S.A. Istomin, A.A. Khokhryakov, V.V. Ryabov, A.V. Ivanaov, A.S.Payivin. The effect of lanthanide group rare earth oxides activated mechanically on surface tension of borate melts. 80-86
V.I. Bochegov, A.S. Parakhin. Analytical and numerical calculation of purification of simple crystal substrates by a method of zonal melting with a fixed size of an ingot. (On the example of bismuth) 87-96


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