Corrosion resistance of welded connections of some construction alloys in NaOH melt

V.P. Yurkinsky, E.G. Firsova, L.P. Baturova


sodium hydroxide melt, corrosion resistance, welded connections, homogenizing annealing, zone of thermal effect.


The results of corrosion resistance for the homogenous and heterogeneous welded connections of nickel alloys (Monel 500, Inconel) and stainless steel in the deaerated NaOH melt at temperature 500°C are presented. The effect of homogenizing annealing of welded connections on their corrosion behavior was investigated. The microstructure and phase composition of surface layers, forming on the studied materials during corrosion tests in the NaOH melt, were studied by the X-ray phase analysis and electron microscopy.

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