Modifying ability estimation of master alloys Al-Sc-Zr, Al-Sc-Ti, Al-Ti-Zr

P.V. Kotenkov, E.A. Popova, E.A. Pastukhov


master alloys, aluminides, cubic lattices, structured type, aluminum matrix, modifying ability, “longevity”.


The estimation of modifying ability for the obtained earlier Al-Sc-Zr, Al-Sc-Ti, Al-Ti-Zr turnery master alloys, containing the Al3 (ScxZr1-x), Al3 (ScxTi1-x) and Al3 (TixZr1-x) aluminides with the L12 cubic lattice of three-dimensional type, was evaluated.  The Al-4 mas.% Cu model alloy was used for the estimation of the modifying effect.  The optimal concentrations for the sum of transitional elements, at which the grain of molded alloy is grinded as smoothly as possible, were determined. The master alloy “longevity”, that is the exposure duration for melt with master alloy without deterioration of the modifying  effect, was designated.

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