Highvoltage electrical conductivity and its postactivate relaxation in system NaHSO4-CsHSO4

 S.M. Gadgiev, O.M.Shabanov, A.S. Gadgiev, A.M. Salikhova, S.S. Alieva, G.S. Efendieva


electrical conductivity, impulse, highvoltage discharge, activation, breakdown, relaxation, proton solid electrolyte, melt.


An impact of  highvoltage impulses on conductivity of a binary system of the NaHSO4-CsHSO4 proton solid electrolyte (PSE) and its melts with the CsHSO4 content of 25, 50, and 75 mol.% was determined. The relaxation processes in PSE and its melt after the highvoltage impulsing discharges (HID) were studied. Relaxation time for the nonequilibrium charge carriers was calculated. Its values have 104 c order of magnitude. The melts resistance in time in the course of highvoltage discharge was evaluated using the current and voltage oscillograms.

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