X-ray TV investigation of stannum penetration into the steel melt

A.V. Ryabov, A.M. Panfilov, N.S. Semenova


A method has been developed and the X-ray TV investigation of penetrating spheric stannum samples into the steel melt 40X at 1550°C has been carried out. It was revealed that  the cold spheric particles of stannum with the weight of 1-2 g dissolve in steel, not containing stannum,  with the initial rate of 180±50 mol/(m2/sec). Full dissolution of the sample occurs less than in 2 sec. During the sample penetration on the boundary of steel with gas phase its dissolution slows in multiple times. At stannum content in steel of about 1.6-1.9 mol.% the decomposition begins with two-phase system formation. The density of composition based on iron is less than the density of composition based on stannum. The stannum is pure and a saturated iron solution in it wets better the heat-resistant ceramics based on Al2O3 in comparison with the pure iron  or the alloy with stannum.


  stannum, molten steel, alloying, X-ray-TV investigation, melting, dissolution.