Voltammetry in the KF–AlF3–Al2O3 melt and suspensions

A. Yu. Nikolaev, A. S. Yasinskiy, A. V. Suzdaltsev, P. V. Polyakov, Yu. P. Zaikov


Kinetics of the cathode process on tungsten in the KF–AlF3–Al2O3 melt and slurries was studied by means of voltammetry. The effects of the potential sweep rate (0.01–2.0 V/s), temperature (715, 750, 800°С), and Al2O3 suspension content (0, 30, and 45 wt %) in the cell on the kinetics were tested. Diffusion coefficients of the electroactive ions at the aluminum elecrowinning from the KF–AlF3–Al2O3 melt and suspensions were estimated. It was shown that adding  the Al2O3 slurry in the KF–AlF3–Al2O3 melts increases the diffusion difficulties of the process under study.


 melt, KF–AlF3, suspension, voltammetry, diffusion