Viscosity of sodium-borate melts, containing mechanically activated additions of REE oxides

S.A. Istomin, A.A. Khokhryakov, V.V. Ryabov, A.V. Ivanov, A.S. Payvin


melt, boron oxide, sodium oxide, REM oxides, viscosity, mechanical activation , melt structure.


The values for viscosity of sodium-borate melts, containing 1 wt % of mechanically activated REE oxides of the lanthanide group in the temperature range of 950-650K were determined by means of vibrational viscosimeter. The dependences of viscosity values on temperature and composition were established. High- and low-temperature sections are observed in logarithmic dependences with different activation energies of the viscous flow. The changes of melts structure on composition and temperature were established.

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