Viscosity of aluminum–copper melts

N. Ju. Konstantinova, A. R. Kurochkin, A. V. Borisenko, V. V. Filippov, P. S. Popel


The data of  the copper-aluminum melts density  obtained by A.R. Kurochkin et al. using the method of penetrating gamma-radiation was applied to adjust the results of viscometric experiments performed earlier for this system by N.Yu. Konstantinova et al. At the time they did not have the density results and had to use the values calculated by linear interpolation between the densities of the pure components. This led to the error of the published values of viscosity, which in some cases reaches 20%. Adjusted results of the viscosity calculation  with the new density data for copper-aluminum melts are recommended to use as the reference data.


 copper-aluminum melts, viscosity, density, approximation error, reference data