Thermodynamics of oxygen solutions in liquid iron: analysis and development

P. S. Paderin


Calculation of oxygen solutions in liquid iron on the base of molar and mass interaction parameter values to very large positive deviations of these solutions from the perfect solution model was carried out.  The interaction parameter values and the minus sign, recommended in the literature, are not correct. The standard state of dissolved oxygen has been adopted as “pure gaseous oxygen at pressure ”. It permits to apply the theory of solutions to oxygen solutions in liquid iron. Equation for mixing energy of iron and oxygen calculation was derived. Temperature dependence of mixing energy was established. Thermodynamics of oxygen solutions in liquid iron was developed using models of regular and pseudoregular solutions.


liquid iron, oxygen solutions, phase diagram Fe–O, interaction parameter of oxygen, regular and solutions, mixing energy, relative and excess chemical potential, pressure of oxygen and iron atoms in gas phase, standard states of components in solutions, pseudoregular solution