Thermodynamics and kinetics of dephosphorization for the iron-carbon melt under magnesian slags

A.A. Babenko, L.Yu. Mikhailova, M.V. Ushakov, A.V. Sychev


iron-carbon melt, magnesiam slags, saturation of slag with magnum oxide, refining properties, dephosphoration, oxidation rate, limiting part


The thermodynamic analysis and peculiarities of metal dephosphoration under magnesian slags were presented. It was found that the slags retain high refining properties irrespective of the slags saturation degree with MgO. However, the oversaturation degree on MgO content significantly reflects on the completeness of the phosphorus oxidation reaction.. It was proved that a transition of the oxide system from saturation area to oversaturation according to the MgO content is attended with shifting the dephospohorization process from the range, when phosphorus oxidation is limited by the diffusion in metal, into the range, when the phosphorus diffusion in the slag becomes apparent.

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