Thermal stability of KBF4 in fusible cryolite melts

A.A. Kataev, A. V. Rudenko, O.G. Reznitskikh, N.G.Molchanova, A.E. Dedyukhin, A.A. Redkin, O.Yu.Tkacheva, Yu.P.Zaikov

KEYWORDS: potassium cryolite, potassium tetraftorborat, thermogravimetry, differential-scanning caloriometry, massspectrometry.
ABSTRACT: The KBF4 thermal stability in low-melting KF-AlF3 potassium cryolite (with cryolite ratio of 1.3-1.5) was investigated using XRD, thermogravimetry, and differential-scanning caloriometry in conjunction with masspectrometry.

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