The viscosity of Co–B melts

N. V. Olyanina, A. L. Bel’tyukov, V. I. Lad’yanov


The temperature and concentration dependences of the kinematic viscosity of the Co–B melts with a boron content up to 50 at % have been studied using the method of torsional vibrations. The viscosity polytherms are satisfactorily described by the Arrhenius equation.  The increase in the viscosity values is observed in concentration dependence of the viscosity with increasing the boron content from 15 to 36 at %. The melt viscosity is almost independent of the boron content in the concentration range of 0–15 and 36–50 at %. The calculation of the concentration dependence of the Co–B melt viscosity by different equations has been carried out. The best agreement with the experimental data is achieved by using the Kaptay equation.


 Co–B melts, viscosity, temperature and concentration dependences, calcula- tion  of  the  concentration  dependence  of  the viscosity