The NaCl–CaCl2–MgCl2 system: elaboration of the spatial computer model for Т–х–у diagram

V. I. Lutsyk, А. E. Zelenaya, E. R. Nasrulin, E. S. Bimbaev


The possibility of development for 3D computer simulation models of phase diagrams has been demonstrated based on the NaCl–CaCl2–MgCl2 system. The description of its geometric structure has been carried out as well as the structure of phase regions has been studied. Isothermal sections and isopleths, phase trajectories, vertical (for the given composition) and horizontal (for the isothermic condition on isopleths) material balances have been built.


 phase diagram, system NaCl–CaCl2–MgCl2, computer model, crystallization path, diagrams of material balance