The effect of mechanical activation on self-dispergation of carbide phases in Cu–W–Nb–C alloys

L. Е. Bodrova, E. А. Pastukhov, E. Yu. Goida


carbide, mechanical activation, solid solution, decomposition structure.


The Cu(80%)–NbC(Nb)–WC(W) alloys at  low-frequency vibration of liquid-solid compositions at 1300°C were obtained. Their structure was studied. The formation of the (Nb,W)C solid solution  in Cu–NbC–WC and Cu–Nb–WC systems was revealed. The decomposition structure of  of the (Nb,W)C  solid solution  with the allocation of NbC carbide from it and with  sizes close to micron ones was  formed in the Cu–NbC–WC alloy.