Temperature characteristics of the sintered products malaxation for low-temperature titano-magnetites

S. Peshkin, А. V. Маlygin, А. V. Zhdanov, Е. G. Dmitrieva


pelletizing, agglomeration, low-silica titanomagnetites, softening temperatures 


 Temperatures of the beginning and the end of softening  for high-base agglomerates and flux-free pellets made of low- silica titanomagnetite concentrate were established.  The experimental data were compared to calculations of melting temperatures, obtained on the basis of empirical formulas.  The comparison of experimental and calculated data revealed that temperatures of the softening beginning  of agglomerates made of low-silica  titanomagnetite concentrate  is determined by its chemical composition, mainly by iron and titanium oxides content. Temperatures of the end of softening is connected with  the mineralogical composition of minerals, in particularly, with the presence of low melting phases. The higher the slag-forming oxides content in agglomerate the closer experimental data  to calculations.