Technology of synthesis molybdate of lead in the four-component systems Li, Na, Pb // Cl, MoO4; Li, K, Pb // Cl, MoO4 и Na, K, Pb // Cl, MoO4

J.A. Kochkarov, A.A. Kyarov, Z.A. Sokurova, A.R. Bitokova


The study is devoted to development of technology of chemical synthesis for molybdate of lead in ionic fusions of three – (Li, Pb//Cl, MoO4; Na, Pb//Cl, MoO4; K, Pb//Cl, MoO4) and four – component (Li, Na, Pb//Cl, MoO4; Li, K, Pb//Cl, MoO4 and Na, K, Pb//Cl, MoO4) mutual systems. The proposed way of synthesis for the molybdate of lead provides  the process at low temperatures (600–650°C), unlike the existing ways.


 lead molybdate, synthesis, technology of receiving, multicomponent systems,phase balance − MoO4