Synthesis of hafnium carbide by the methods of mechanochemistry and radiation exposure

T. F. Grigoreva, B. P. Tolochko, P. V. Logachev, A. I. Ancharov, S. V. Vosmerikov,

E. T. Devyatkina, T. A. Udalova, I. A. Vorsina, E. A. Pastukhov, N. Z. Lyakhov


The products of the mechanochemical interaction in the system Hf–C and the irradiation of formed mechanocomposite Hf/C with high intensive electron beam were studied by the methods of diffraction with synchrotron radiation (quantum energy 33.7 keV) and of the high resolution scanning electron microscopy. The mechanochemical interaction results in the formation of mechanocomposites Hf/C at the first stage (10 s of mechanical activation) and hafnium carbide at the activation for 8 min. The irradiation of mechanocomposite Hf/C with high intensive electron beam (~150 W/mm2) leads to the melting of hafnium, spreading it over the carbon particle surface and crystallization of hafnium carbide.


hafnium, carbon, hafnium carbide, mechanocomposites, radiation exposure