Solubility and excessive thermodynamic characteristics of Pr and Nd in the Ga-Sn eutectic alloy


S.Yu. Melchakov, L.F. Yamshchikov, A.G. Osipenko, P.A. Pozdeev, M.A. Rusakov.


praseodymium, neodymium, gallium, stanum, eutectic melt, solubility, activity coefficients, segregation coefficients.


For the first time a solubility of praseodymium and neodymium in the gallium-stannic melt of the eutectic  composition was measured in the temperature range of 423-1074 K using method of high-temperature sample extraction. According to the activity and solubility data the activity coefficients, excess thermodynamic characteristics of α-praseodymium and α-neodymium in the Ga-Sn melt of the eutectic composition as well as segregation coefficients of the Pr/Nd couple on the gallium-stannic electrodes in chloride melts were calculated.

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