Revisiting the peculiarities of measurements of metal melt viscosity using the method of torsional vibrations

L. Bel’tyukov, N. V. Olyanina, V. I. Lad’yanov


The effect of the boundary conditions on the upper boundary of the Co91B9 melt using the viscosity measurement results and the method of torsional vibrations has been investigated. It was revealed that using the temperature dependence of the logarithmic decrement the peculiarities associated with film effects and wetting phenomena can be observed. In order to eliminate these effects the viscosity measurements should be conducted under the experimental conditions, when the investigated melt is found in a closed volume at complete wetting of the inner crucible walls. The temperature dependence of kinematic viscosity of the Co91B9 melt, obtained from these experimental conditions, has no special peculiarities.


 viscosity measurement, method of torsional vibrations, logarithmic decrement, kinematic viscosity,viscous film, face surface of the  friction,  wetting