Revisiting the metallofilicity of solid oxides

A.I. Timofeev, V.P. Chentsov


Metallophilicity (wetting σsg≥σlg) and metallophobity (non wetting σsg≤σlg) of solid oxide wetting processes by Platinum liquid metals group in the 1 <σsg / σlg <1 range of interface tensions (subscripts sg and lg are refer to solid-gas and liquid-gas interface boundaries tensions) have been analyzed. The special case of wetting in the 1<σsglg<1interval of surface tensions ratio is proved to be characterized by different interface boundaries according to types of wetting. Metallophilic oxides are wetted in equilibrium mode in the 0о≤θ≤90о contact angles with the wetting boundary starting at θ = 90о. Metallophobic oxides are not wetted at 0о<θ≤180о angles interval in the equilibrium (non equilibrium) mode at θо≥106о angles interval. The limited wetting equilibrium mode of solid oxides occurs in the 74о≤θ≤106о angles interval. Non equilibrium wetting mode occurs at θ о ≤ 74о and σтж   ≤   0 intervals. 


 solid oxide, liquid metal, surface energy, wetting, contact angle, metallophilicity, metallophobity, Young equation.