Research related to the kinematic viscosity of molten salts, containing nitrites and nitrates of alkali metals

 K. S. Merzlyakov, I. A. Novikov, N. P. Uglev


Temperature dependeces of the kinematic viscosity of potassium nitrite and potassium nitrate molten mixtures in the concentration range of potassium nitrate from 0 to 100 mol% were obtained using standard capillary viscosimeter. The lack of deviations of the investigated property from the additivity and other features allowed to conclude that the system is close to  ideality. Kinematic viscosity of the melt composition used in industry as a heat-ransfer agent  was researched. It was revealed that the liquid-phase regeneration does not change the thermophysical properties of such heat-transfer media whereas the composition of the main components deviates from the initial one.


viscosity, viscometer type Pinkevich 4, molten state, saline heat-transfer agents, capillary viscometer, Frenkel equation, viscosity isotherms, salt heat-transfer agent regeneration, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate