Precipitation of rare earth elements phosphates from the melts based on NaCl-2CsCl eutectic mixture

V.A. Volkovich, A.B. Ivanov, S.M.Yakimov, B.D.Vadin, A.V. Chukin, A.K. Scholts

KEYWORDS: rare earth elements, phosphates, deposition, chloride melt.

ABSTRACT: The interaction of 15 rare earth chlorides (yttrium, lanthanum and all lanthanoids, excluding promethium) with sodium orthophosphate in the melts based on the NaCl-2CsCl eutectic mixture in inert atmosphere at 550-750ºC was investigated. The composition of the formed rare earth elements phosphates (REE) was determined by chemical and XRD analysis. The effect of temperature and initial molar ratio of phosphate to REE on the phase composition of depositing phosphates was studied. Conditions required for the quantitative REE deposition from melt were revealed.

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