Praseodymium and neodymium activity in alloys with indium, bismuth and gallium-tin eutectic melt

S.Yu. Melchakov, L.F. Uamshikov, P.A.Pozdeev, M.V. Kormilitsin, A.G. Osiperiko

KEYWORDS: EMF method, activity, praseodymium, neodymium, indium, bismuth, gallium, stannum, Ga-Sn eutectic alloy, reference electrode.
ABSTRACT: The praseodymium and neodymium activity in the liquid two-phase (liquid+compound) alloys of indium, bismuth and in the Ga-Sn alloys of the eutectic composition in the temperature range of 573-1073 K was measured using EMF method. As a material for the reference electrode the liquid two-phase alloys with indium (L+PrLn3) or with bismuth (L+NdBi2), saturated with lanthanide, with known thermodynamic characteristics were used in order to study the thermodynamic properties of the Pr-Ga-Sn и Nd-Ga-Sn alloys. The partial thermodynamic characteristics of α-praseodymium in the Ga-Sn eutectic melt, saturated with lanthanide (L+IMS), were determined for the first time.

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