Nucleation and growth of metal nanocrystals during electrocrystallization in melts

V. A. Isaev, O. V. Grishenkova, O. L. Semerikova, A. V. Kosov, Yu. P. Zaykov


Initial stages of electrocrystallization in melts have been studied. Rates of nucleation and growth of metals nanocrystalls during electrodeposition have been calculated. Diffusion coefficients in space of sizes according to the Fokker–Plank equation,  describing the phase formation process, have been determined. Method for calculation of a number of nanoclusters formed on electrode has been suggested. Concentration dependence of phase formation in melts in potentiostatic  and galvanostatic conditions  during electrodeposition  has been considered.


nucleation, growth, nanocrystals, electrocrystallization, melt