Morphological characteristics of the mechanochemically synthesized Fe/Ti composites

T. F. Grigoreva, S.  A.  Kovaleva,  T.  Yu.  Kiseleva,  S.  V.  Vosmerikov,  E.  T.   Devyatkina, E. A. Pastukhov, N. Z. Lyakhov


The joint mechanical activation of chemically interacting metals iron and titanium were investigated by the X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy methods. It is shown that the chemically interacting metals Fe and Ti do not form any intermetallic compounds or solid solutions at the intense mechanical activation in high-energy planetary mill. The product of mechanical activation is the mechanocomposites of Fe/Ti in which titanium distributed over the surface of the iron grains. The increasing duration of mechanical activation leads to agglomeration of powders and the formation of particles with a wide size range (5–25 μm). The iron crystallite sizes and the level of microstresses are reduced, indicating the decrease in strength of the particles.


 iron, titanium, mechanochemical activation, mechanocomposites, crystallite sized