Mechanochemically induced reactions concerning the titanium carbide obtainment

T.F. Grigoreva, B. P. Tolochko, A. I. Ancharov, S. V. Vosmerikov, E. T. Devyatkina, T. A. Udalova, E. A. Pastukhov, N. Z. Lyakhov


The products of the mechanochemical interaction in the system Ti–C held in the planetary ball mill were studied using methods of diffraction with synchrotron radiation (quantum energy 33.7 keV) and by the high-resolution scanning electron microscopy. The reasonable assumption was made about the mechanism of mechanochemically induced reactions in this system. The interaction proceeds with the formation of mechanocomposites Ti/C at the first stage, followed by melting titanium, spreading it over the carbon particle surface and practically simultaneous crystallization of titanium carbide. The use of the activator allows significantly speed up the process of the TiC formation.


 titanium, carbon, titanium carbide, mechanocomposites, mechanochemically induced reactions