Liquidus temperatures of the CsCl–PbCl2–PbO ternary system

P. А. Аrkhipov, А. S. Kholkina, I. V. Коrzun, I. D. Zakiryanova, А. V. Bausheva, А. О. Khudorozhkova


thermal analysis, liquidus temperature, lead oxide


The liquidus temperatures in the CsCl–PbCl2–PbO ternary system with lead oxide addition reaching 0.0 to 20.0 mol. % were determined using methods of thermal analysis of cooling curves and differential scanning calorimetry. The temperature dependence of the PbO dissolution in the CsCl (18.3 mol. %)–PbCl2 (81.7 mol. %) and CsCl (71.3 mol. %)–PbCl2 (28.7 mol. %) chloride eutectics was determined and thermodynamic parameters of dissolution were calculated. The mechanism of chemical interaction between lead oxide(II) and chloride melts was testified.