Investigation of the LiF ─LiNO3─NaBr stable cutting triangle in the Li+, Na+ //F-, Br-, NO3– quadruple reciprocal system

E.A. Katasonova, O.E. Morgunova, A.S. Trunin


stable crosscutting triangle, ternary eutectic, modeling, differential thermic analysis


The purpose of the present study is a search of novel heat-retaining salt compositions. The investigation of the LiF–LiNO3–NaBr stable crosscutting triangle in the Li, Na//F, Br, NO3 quadruple mutual system was carried out. The composition of ternary eutectic point E – 4.3 LiF, 87.1 LiNO3, 8.6 NaBr (mol.%) with the melting temperature of 220.8°C and high value of phase-transition heat was determined using modeling with experimental approval by differential thermic analysis (DTA).

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