Interaction in the CaCl2–B2O3–СаО system in the molten state

Ya. B. Chernov, Е. S. Filatov, I. D. Zakiryanova, K. R. Каrimov, B. D. Аntonov


chloride melts,  solubility, oxychloride complexes


 The solubility of B2O3 in molten CaCl2 without additives and with  additives of CaO was determined using  visual observation, spectroscopy,  Raman scattering (RAMAN),  and X-ray phase analysis. The boron oxide was proved to be not soluble in the pure molten calcium chloride. The  interaction is possible only in the presence of a certain amount of calcium oxide in the melt  with the formation of various calcium borates.