Influence of the ZrCl4 in the (NaCl-KCl)TB-UO2Cl2-ZrCl4 melt and electrolysis current density on the quantatitative composition of UO2-ZrO2 cathode deposits. Calculation and experiment

V.E. Krtotov. E.S. Filatob

KEYWORDS: molten salt electrolyte, electrolysis conditions, cathode deposit, UO2-ZrO2, quantitative composition, calculation and experiment.

Abstract: A method was proposed and a calculation of the ZrO2 content in the (NaCl-KCl)equiv-UO2Cl2-ZrCl4 melt for different values of current density (0.08-0.63 A/cm2) and the ZrCl4 concentration (0-12.3wt%) was carried out on the base of  known composition for one UO2-ZrO2 cathode deposit.  A qualitative and satisfactory quantitative accordance of calculated and experimental values of the ZrO2 content in the UO2-ZrO2 cathode deposits was established.

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