. Influence of the alkali earth metal cations on the charge transfer kinetics of the redox couple Ti(IV)/Ti(III) in chloride – fluoride melts

D.A. Vetrova, S. A. Kuznetsov


The effect of strongly polarized cations Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+   , and  Ba2+ on the kinetics of the charge transfer of the redox couple Ti(IV)/Ti(III). was studied. Standard consants of the charge transfer rate (ks) for the Ti(IV)/Ti(III) redox couple in the (NaCl–KCl)eq–NaF(10 wt %)–K2TiF6 melt at introducing strongly polarized cations to the initial composition were determined. The dependendce of the rate constants of the charge transfer on ion cations potential was determined. Activation energies of the charge transfer process for the fluoride complexes of the Ti(IV)/Ti(III) redox couple with cations Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+ were revealed.


 melt, redox couple, titanium complexes, quasi-reversible process, cyclic voltammetry, standard rate constants of charge transfer