Influence of the additives of NaCl, NaF, NaOH and the chemical nature of the gas atmosphere on the corrosion behavior of the alloy X30H45YUT in the eutectic melt Li2CO3-K2CO3

V.Ya.Kudyakov, V.I. Zhuk, S.M.Perin, V.B.Malkov, K.R. Karimov, E.V. Nikitina

KEYWORDS: carbonate melts, anode polarization, corrosion potentials.

ABSTRACT: The effect of chloride, fluoride and sodium hydroxide additions on corrosion behavior of the X30H45YUT alloy in the Li2CO3-K2CO3 eutectic melt without applying the external potential and in conditions of anode polarization in the atmosphere of argon and mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen was investigated.

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