Estance of gold in mollied liqui and the influence of the nature of a cation on the potentials of zeroes of esetsteum Au in moltability of alkali metals

Yu. G. Pastukhov.


The eSTANS dependences on the potential in molten LiCl are obtained. At a temperature close to the melting of the salt, they have three zeroes of estan. When the temperature is raised by 400 K, only one cathode zero remains for the equilibrium eSTAN. A comparison of the potentials of this zero estancium in a series of alkali metal chlorides at the same temperature shows their nonmonotonic dependence on the cation radius, in contrast to the potentials of the EKK liquid Pb, Bi, In maxima, and also of the gold nanoparticles in this series.


estance, gold, lithium chloride, molten salts, zero charge potential, interfacial energy, surface tension